About us

We are Game Dev Project

Our goal is to provide everything you need to learn game development in a project based format.

We are regularly adding new Game Development Projects to our platform to help strengthen your knowledge and portfolio. Using these projects, we aim to help you learn everything you need to master game development and give you a good foundation to kickstart your projects and game development career.

Our primary platform of choice is YouTube to publish our content. This content then hosted on GameDevProject.com with some additional content and resources being exclusive to the website. We continue to see a steady growth to our content.


Why Learn with us?

Clear & On Point Videos

Everything we teach is 100% video based. On our website you'll also receive additional resources, however all our learning is visual.

Discord Community

Over time, as we add additional content our community will grow with it. The Discord is a great place to get peer to peer or official support.

Self Paced Education

Free and premium courses are yours forever, watch them as many times as you like. This allows you to learn at your own pace.